Friday, May 15, 2009

To the curb, illness! This boy's gotta WORK!

Hey hey, smutty-minions, I'm baaaaack! Well, sorry for the late post, but it's been a real gong-show at work. Yep, I've kinda gotten over this stupid illness and gotten my virally-smitten butt back to work. Thank gawd for the painkillers. Gotta love the meds. After reading a gajillion emails and clearing a bunch that I hadn't deleted, it was time to work some scientific magic and pull a crazy report out of thin air. But somehow things are getting done. Well, mama's gonna WORK... and how's she gonna do it? She's gonna work HARD!

Anywhoo, back to this report. I'll post some smutty tidbits up soon. Stay tuned!


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