Thursday, May 14, 2009

SeXXXy Gadget Du Jour!

Hello, smut-monkeys! For those who have the honour of knowing me personally, you know how I am one of, if not, the biggest gadgetwhores around. I KID YOU NOT: nothing gets my heart aflutter more than juicy pop culture morsels than newfangled shiny pieces of technology. Brimming with the latest technology and birthed from warehouses in Asia by the tiny hands of thousands of assembly line workers in suboptimal working conditions, these high-tech tidbits send me into a nerdgasm of techtacular proportions.

So todays SeXXXy Gadget Du Jour is.... the Palm Pre!

Yes, this is Palm's touch-screen answer to the iPhone, and quite frankly, their much-needed saving grace that has resurrected the sinking Palm company a la "touched by an angel" from the hallowed halls of tech failures. Even though I'm a raging Apple fanboy, the sweetness that the Pre packs is enough for me to splurge on this sexxxy piece of tech. And it's only moments from being launched on the Sprint network in the States (no signs of the Pre launching in Canada though... go figure), which makes me want it even MORE! I WANT! I WANT! I WANT!

Here's an early review from CNET. Click to see why I'm wetting myself in true nerd desire over this shiny technucopia of goodness!

And feast your eyes on the tech-sexy of this bebeh. Oooh! Naughty!

And if pics don't get you off, here's some live action Palm Pre porn!

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