Friday, May 15, 2009

Stevie Nicks & Co Unleashed in Vancity

Alright you lovers of the old-time rock 'n roll... are you ready for the Mac attack? Yep, Fleetwood Mac is hittin the stage with their "Unleashed" Greatest Hits tour tonight at GM Place in Vancouver. After an unexpected illness (swine flu?) affected an unidentified band member (Stevie?), which resulted in the cancellation of BOTH the Calgary and Edmonton gigs earlier in the week (much to the dismay of many Mac faithful), LiveNation has stated that tonight's show at GM Place is a go! Woo hoo! That's reason to get your Depends undergarments in a knot! So go ahead: wet your pants! Put the super-absorbency of those daddy diapers to the test!

But seriously, if you were lucky to get tickets to this much hyped reunion tour, I'm sure you'll be in for an awesome show. There's many reasons why they're legends. To name some, their songs helped to define a generation, and Stevie is such an icon to many a performer, woman, and music affectionado alike.

At least we know that Stevie and Co won't bail after a few songs due to marijuana "ventilation problems" (yeah, Britney, we're looking at you. Smoke my ass...). I'm pretty sure they'll appreciate y'all smokin up! Party like it's 1969!!!

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