Friday, May 22, 2009

F is for Friday! F-ING FANTASTIC!

Hey hey, y'all. I'm just happy to report that I've made it through another week! Yippee! Now that the mighty dustcloud surrounding the whole American Idol "shocker" has somewhat settled down, another pop-juggernaut from the Idol machine has wasted no time and has hit the road running. Yes, it's officially "So You Think You Can Dance?" time again. But I committed a pop-smutling crime... I didn't watch it last night! Now I know what you're thinking..."OMG?!? Like, WTF, Jay?!? Who is gonna explain to me the crazy that SYTYCD brings?!?". Well fear not! I've taped that puppy using my handy-dandy PVR, silly monkeys! I'll get back to the crazy as soon as I've indulged in some heftily-choreographed reality show smut. And I'll deliver! Trust.

(For those who are wondering WHY I committed such a pop-cultch violation, I was having a lovely dinner date last night... and NO, I won't go into the details! I love the gossip as much as y'all do, but my biznass is MY BIZNASS. A gurl's gotta keep some of her secrets secret, mmm kay? It's part of the allure that is Jay...)

Anywhoo, gotta check my email. Will be back with my SeXXXy Gadget Du Jour! Woot woot!

Luv ya, smutlings!


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