Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday is for Song and Dance!!!

Hey hey smutlings! Sorry for no blog post yesterday... it's been a craaaazy week at work. I know, I know, no excuses... sowwwwy :(

Anywhoo, I'm just watching So You Think You Can Dance right now, and the crazies have already showed up. So far, quirky, bendy Tony does some weird fumbly number to Footloose, and not only is he told that his performance was "baaaaaaaaaaa-aaaa-aaaaad" by Tyce Diorio, he passes out from exhaustion and is tended to by medics! YESSSSSSS!!! You can't PAY for this shit if you tried!

But speaking of all things artsy, tonight there's a documentary on the making of the FANTASTIC new Tony-award winning Broadway musical, "IN THE HEIGHTS" on PBS! (Check your local listings, yo!). Definitely one of my favourite Broadway shows! Not only did I have the pleasure of seeing this amazing latinolicious show in January, I even got to meet the composer/star of In The Heights, Lin-Manuel Miranda! It was like a dream come true for me...such an inspiration. He is such an awesome person, and such an amazing talent... goes to show that with hard work and determination, dreams do come true.


Click HERE to go to the PBS Great Performances website!

Here's the trailer for the documentary, In The Heights: Chasing Broadway Dreams

Check out the official website for IN THE HEIGHTS! (Click on the banner below!)

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