Saturday, May 16, 2009

Starting the Long Weekend off right: with LAZINESS!

Hey hey hey Smut Students!

Well, it's officially the May Long Weekend up here in Canada (for those of you internationally inclined, there's a long weekend in May to celebrate Victoria Day... Queen Victoria... not Vicki Beckham. But maybe they should change that? Hmm...) and I'm just loungin' like a sloth at my dad's house. Yep. FAT-ASS LAZY. Being cooped up in my apartment for 4 days with some swine flu "unknown illness" just made me really sick (har har) of my place, so it's nice to just chill in a big house with my fam's pets (two fluffy pomeranians and a cat), watching garbage TV (yeah, yeah, I'm guilty of watching "Ghost Whisperer" last night. Ugh. The shame...) and movies and reading flyers. Ooh, Liquid Tide and Bounce are on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for 5.49 each!...

Well according to a friend of mine from my high school days o' yore, Rhiannon, last night's Fleetwood Mac show was AMAZING! (No surprise there! They're LEGENDS). I'm just glad Stevie's the band's healthy and charging ahead with their tour. HERE'S TO GOOD MUSIC, Y'ALL!!!

To you Fleetwood Mac fans, I'll post a clip of last night's show in just a bit!

Now to charge up your smutty-senses, here's a spicy example of when music takes a detour towards the bad part of town... it's a karaoke rendition of Mariah's "Touch My Body", but by a flamboyant Korean boy! OOH, SMUT-TASTIC!


Happy long weekend, smutties!


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