Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh the pain... the pain...

Hey Pop-smut students,

So I woke up today with a pounding headache... surprise, surprise. Illness does suck. But then I thought, "Hey, cheer up Jay, at least you're headache is not from a night of heavy binge drinking and doing hard drugs in a grungy bathroom stall at the bar!". But then that just made me kinda depressed. Who wouldn't want a crazy night out, livin' la vida Lohan? Oh yeah, the addiction factor. Bummer.

But here's to popping more painkillers! So, in an over-the-counter salute to her HIGHness, Princess Paula Abdul, I pop two extra-strength Tylenol chased with cranberry cocktail. Life is better already!

So here's another daily serving of addictive behaviour, but with less side effects! (Watch out for that bloated feeling though. Ya might wanna take some Tums for that...)

Happy smut studying!


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