Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hey hey, smutlings! I'm BACK. Sorry for the long absence, but the cray-cray world that I live in, especially with the flurry and excitement of being the official Social Media Socialite of the Vancouver Queer Film Festival,  hasn't given me a lot of time to fully blog. So I apologize, faithful smut-purveyors.

Now back to BUSINESS! Tonight I've been invited to participate in the "HOT GUYS READ..." series at the J-Lounge in Vancouver. Now if you're not familiar with it, it's a regular event where, you guessed it, hot guys read from popular book selections! Oh, and I mentioned it's filled with hot guys, too, right? Past editions of "HOT GUYS READ..." have included Twilight, Suzanne Somers and Lesbian Erotica. So yeah, you can imagine: notable hot (gay) men reading poking fun at literary genres, so it's always a night filled with laughs.

Well tonight's edition is HOT GUYS READ... SARAH PALIN! Yes! For all you mavericks out there, this is one to get all rifled up about. And you betcha it'll be one heck of a great time with all the quirks that this proud Alaskan Republican can only bring. So what am I reading? Well I'll give ya a hint: It'll be selections of a somewhat "poetic" nature... you gotta come to find out! I'll tweet the source material sometime tonight (Are you following me on Twitter yet? Follow me @ScienceOfSmut!)

HOT GUYS READ... SARAH PALIN happens TONIGHT, September 6, 8pm at J-Lounge Vancouver (1216 Bute St). Seating is on a first come, first served basis, so try to come early!

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