Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mad Max: Beyonce Thunderdome

Hey hey, smutlings, I'm back! Now that the Vancouver Men's Chorus spring shows are now OVER, I'll have a bit more time to blog! Yay! Speaking of the shows, DUETS-TWO FABULOUS! was a smashing success! We even had Jann Arden and Sarah McLachlan visit us during the run. (Ms. McLachlan was so gracious! Sarah even told me I did an amazing job on my "Telephone" solo, and gave me a huge hug! Wow, talk about approval!). Here's a pic of me with Sarah and the guys of the VMC!

Now speaking of powerful pop music women, Beyonce has released her video for her latest lacklustre single, Run The World (Girls). So what do I think of it? Well, there's a lot of shoulder and hip thrusting like no one but the House of Dereon can deliver, but it's an interesting view of what the Knowles empire would look like in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by Bey-Bey herself. Kinda scary, but oh so glamorous! All hail the future Empress! Plus the video made me want a pair of pet hyenas.

Well judge for yourself! Watch the vid! And comment below!

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