Monday, May 9, 2011

The 80s according to Gaga

Heyo, smutlings! Now if y'all are starting to come down from your Lady Gaga high that arrived last Thursday with the premiere of the "Judas" video and her Monster Ball Tour HBO special this past Saturday, fear not! Mother Monster has come back with ANOTHER track off of her upcoming album Born This Way entitled "The Edge Of Glory".

My thoughts? I LOVE IT! It's a total throwback to 80s pop-belters, and Gaga even throws in a lengthy saxophone solo in there! Wow, I never knew I'd miss those sax breakdowns... So far it's my fave of the three she's released.

Well, have a listen! Whatcha guys think? Comment below! Or CLICK HERE to follow me on Twitter and tweet me what you think!

Jay xoxo

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