Monday, October 4, 2010


Hey hey, smutlings! So if you're NOT in the mood to check out the controversy surrounding Koichi's 'The Family Complete' tomorrow night at Pacific Cinematheque (you can read my post about it HERE), here's a pair of films from Southeast Asia that may interest you!


The first is a short from the Philippines called 'Senorita'. In this ode to film noir, a filipina transsexual Laura (played by the director Vincent Sandoval) is a loving caretaker for a young boy in New York during the day; however, once a month, she travels into the city to become a hooker, disguised as a beauty pageant contestant. Now how fierce is that?! Call me intrigued!

'Insects In The Backyard'

Immediately following 'Senorita' is the Thai film 'Insects In The Backyard'. The story revolves around brother and sister teen duo Johnny and Jennifer who are raised by their transvestite big sister Tanya. The film tackles Thai attitudes of sexuality and prostitution in its exploration of the roots of family dysfunction. Hmm...

Anyway, it's great to see queer themes being explored by Southeast Asian filmmakers. VIFF is shaping up to be a great festival this year!

Click on the respective titles to see the official film descriptions for Senorita and Insects In The Backyard. Both films screen together on Tuesday, October 5, 9:00pm, and again on Wednesday, October 6,  3:30pm at Vancity Theatre. For tickets and showtimes, CLICK HERE!

Images courtesy of Vancouver International Film Festival

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