Tuesday, October 12, 2010

VIFF Queer Flick o' the Day! - Mogadishu Dreaming

Hey, hey, smutlings! Yes, it's that time again for Jay's VIFF Queer Flick o' the Day! Today's film is Australian director Leslie Brangan's documentary Mogadishu Dreaming.

Here's the official description from the Vancouver International Film Festival program guide:

Leslie Brangan's short documentary about Ahmed Hagi, a gay Somali artist who fled his war torn country to Sydney, Australia where he now spends his days painting idealized visions of Mogadishu before it fell under the control of gangs and warlords. His encapsulation of little-known Somali history in the later 20th century is as eye-opening as his colorful folk-art creations.

I'm interested in seeing how his life was like prior to the downfall of Mogadishu, and also how he, as a gay man, was treated there prior to and after the downfall. I'm also interested to see how he's captured happier times in Mogadishu's history in his artwork, and why he chose Australia as his new home. As we know, Australia is having a lot of struggles in terms of LGBTQ equality rights lately, so it would also be interesting to see if the documentary highlights that.

Mogadishu Dreaming screens at Empire Granville 7 TONIGHT, Tuesday Oct. 7 at 6:45pm, and at Vancity Theatre Thursday Oct. 14 at 11:00am. For information and tickets, click here!

image courtesy of Vancouver International Film Festival

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