Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hey, hey, smutlings! I just came back from attending the Vancouver International Film Festival, and boy, do I have to tell you about the flick I had the absolute joy to watch! It's SCORE: A HOCKEY MUSICAL!

In Score, producer, director and writer-turned-lyricist Michael McGowan (One Week) paints a glorious ode to Canada's sport institution, hockey, with a good dose of song, dance and a whole lot of heart. The film features an all-star cast headed by the likes of Olivia Newton-John, Marc Jordan, and Nelly Furtado, as well as a host of other cameos from Canada's vast music and hockey heritage. But the real standout is dreamy newcomer Noah Reid as the innocent, wide-eyed teen hockey phenom Farley Gordon. (Look out teenage girls; a new heartthrob has finally arrived! Commence high-pitched screaming...) Not only can he skate and sport mad stickhandling skills, the kid's got some serious pipes! He pretty much carries the entire film singing the 20 plus songs that make up Score's score. Along with his great vocal ability, Reid brings such a sincerity and lovability to his character that it makes the whole story believable; McGowan definitely found his golden boy with Noah Reid.

After the VIFF screening, there was a Q&A session with producer/writer/lyricist/director McGowan. He definitely has much love for Canada, as well as its national pasttime hockey, and it shows in his films and the way he speaks of his projects. I asked him if he was shopping around the Score film for an international release given the recent resurgence of the movie musical and shows like Glee becoming so mainstream - to which he said "yes", and that he wants the movie to be "the little film that could" and that "we're aiming for global domination!". I also asked him how he got Olivia Newton-John aboard, saying that it was great to cast Marc Jordan in the movie because he was an influential reason that Newton-John signed on (Newton-John and Jordan are long-time friends). Also he revealed that one of the reasons Nelly Furtado joined the project because her father is a huge hockey fan, and she wanted to be part of something that her father would love. There is also talk of a stage version of Score... look out for news about that soon! 

After the Q&A, I had the great pleasure to chat with Michael McGowan, and he is definitely a sincere individual. Here are some photos I took of writer/director Michael McGowan at the Q&A session today:

I highly recommend seeing Score: A Hockey Musical. It boasts a lot of wit and charm in a non-boastful Canadian way. The music and musical numbers are fantastic, and the film has a great message to boot. It's a film that will entertain both hockey fans and fans of musicals alike. A definite SCORE for Score!

Score: A Hockey Musical opens in theatres across Canada on October 22!

Score: A Hockey Musical Official Trailer

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