Thursday, May 20, 2010

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes...

Hey hey smutlings, I'm baaaaack. Been a while since I last blogged, but I was in the THRONGS of Olympi-mania. Yep, now that the Vancouver 2010 games have come and gone, and I've had the time to mourn the passing of momentous occasion for our city, I've returned to the internets! WOOT!!!

Anywhoo, not much to report on here. It's summer semester, so I'm teaching still. Less classes, but teaching. Makes me happy. I also got some research work on the side... in that respect, I guess I'm like Tiger Woods or Jesse James, or David Boreanaz, or Matt Lauer, or George Lopez, or...

Speaking of things on the side, or things that are found strung out on their side in a French gutter, I was just wondering how our favourite celebri-tragedy Lindsay Lohan even gets INto these fancy parties at Cannes?!?! Methinks these party organizers purposely let her in to be a distraction to the paparazzi so that the more important A-Listers inside remain undisturbed while they snort lines of coke and chase it with swigs of Cristal from Swarovsky stemware. Whaddya think?

Oh, and I can't WAIT for the Lindsanity pics from when she's greeted by the cops at US Customs! Some jailtime can do her good. I think that b*tch can ROCK the orange jumpsuit, don't you?

Anywhoo, prepare for my verbal onslaught on the blogosphere. This time it's for realz, yo. Word to your mutha.

Muah! Love ya, bebehs.


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