Friday, July 10, 2009

Vancouver just got a little less fugly...

Hey hey, smutlings!!! I'm finally back from my absence to bring you some great news that's been A LONG TIME COMING. Yep, right here in this so-called "Olympic City" of ours, the City of Vancouver FINALLY gets its first ever Sephora store. GEEZ, TOOK YA LONG ENOUGH, SEPHORA!!! There are Sephora stores in the middle of butt-f*cking-nowhere-USA, so why did it take you so long to bring one to our city?!?

Now for those of you that have no f*cking clue about beauty and fashion are not familiar with Sephora, it's a well-known chain that sells beauty products by the shitload. They carry anything and everything when it comes to makeup, skincare, fragrances, etc etc etc.

Oh well, better late than never. We'll just have to make up for lost time by buying oodles of face/body shit. And we will!

So fashionistas, rejoice! But good luck to ya getting past the gaggles of gals 'n gays today. Perhaps you should stock up on band-aids, cuz I see this gettin' ugly... it's amazing the damage that acrylic nails can do...

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  1. Ok So Yeah Sephora opened up in Vancouver... yay for all you Vancouverites :) But guess what bitches Sephora also opened up in Coquitlam Centre Mall.... I know you're confused. Why Coquitlam of all places you may ask... HELLO it's where I live! Do they Know where the spending is at or what OMG !!! Make way for the Queen they had no idea of what hit them (Jay you would have been so proud) I took them by storm. Preferred customer Uh Uh Honey I sign your pay check! They are already running low on stock and I am practically Fu@#ing Glowing YAY ME! BTW no a single band-aid on me but Lord help the on slaught of patients at Eagle Ridge Hospital this weekend. Kisses Muah!