Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SeXXXy Gadget du Jour!!!

Hey hey, smut-lads and smut-lasses! Sorry for the absence. I was away on an A-MAH-ZING birthday weekend in Seattle with some friends. Some of the HIGHlights of my weekend include some great shopping, great food, tasty eye candy (mmmm), seeing my sister get hammered and win over a bunch of drag queens at her stagette (i.e. "bachelorette party" for you Yanks), and seeing a performance of RENT (where I FINALLY met my heroes, original Broadway cast members Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal) . Oh, and the 90-minute facial I got at the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute the morning of my birthday... WOW. THE BEST $50 YOU CAN SPEND IN SEATTLE, HANDS DOWN. Book an appointment if you're ever in the Emerald City! Trust.

So yay, now that the iPhone 3G Sssssss hoopla has somewhat died down, it's time for... you guessed it... the SeXXXy Gadget Du Jour!!!

Behold, smutlings, the awesome gadgetgasm known as the HTC HERO!!!

Now this seXXXy Android-packing handset (aka. le Google phone) has a plethora of sexy features, like a 3.5mm headphone jack (FINALLY!), an anti-fingerprint coating on the screen and a teflon coating on the back to prevent the phone from getting all grimy (eww), a fully-customizable interface called HTC Sense (whatever that means... but it looks cool), 5.0 megapixel camera, multi-touch screen (YES! you can finally ZOOM with a pinch of yo' fingaz!), microSD card expansion, and the icing on the cake.... ADOBE FLASH built-in! TAKE THAT, iPHONE!

"But what about the compass?" you iPhoners ask. "Voice dialing?" "Video?" DONE. DONE. DONE. Those features were STANDARD with the first Android phone, and they're just getting better with this new tasty HTC. (But what's up with the pronounced "chin" on the bottom of the phone, HTC? That I could do without, thank you very much...)

Now you can see why I'm drooling over this phone. The UK gets it first in July, followed by Asia, then the USA. Let's hope that Canada gets it before, if not the same time as the States (hey, we did get the HTC Magic before the US ... it comes out next month Stateside as the T-Mobile myTouch 3G... what a f*cking lame name...Ugh. Fire the person who came up with that one.)

And so I wait. Thank gawd I didn't give in to the expen$ive lameness of the iPhone 3G Sssssss...

And then a hero comes along... with the strength to carry on...

[image via HTC and Engadget]

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