Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm gonna UPGRADE you!

Hey hey smutlings! Those of you who have whored yourselves out to the Cult of Apple and the telecoms around the world that bow at Steve Jobs' feet by buying the iPhone 3G within the last year, YOUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! Starting today... sometime... who knows exactly WHEN, but Apple releases the iPhone 3.0 OS update! HOORAY!!!

(Right now it's just past midnight, and being the techno-slut that I am, I am constantly clicking on the "check for update" button in iTunes... still no update. And yet, I keep clicking...)

On top of a bunch of mostly unnecessary fancy bells-and- whistles bundled with this software update, us iPhone faithful (and iPod touch users for $9.99) can now perform such functions as...

Copy and paste! (YESSSSSSS!)

MMS! (Bring on the scandalous sex pics/vids! And SHARE THEM! Hehe)

Landscape keyboard! (for your FAT-ASS FINGERS!)

Tethering! (to help download porn on your laptop when not in range of a Wi-Fi hotspot!)


You hear that?! That's the sound of MILLIONS of Apple fanboys creaming their pants simultaneously! ORGASMIC!

Now hopefully the iPhone 3.0 update is good enough for me not to cave and buy into the somewhat lame-ass hardware update to the iPhone, the just-as-lamely-named iPhone 3G Ssssssssssssss.... ***sexily draws an 'S' in the air with index finger***

Are you gonna upgraaaaade your iPhone today to 3.0? Or you gonna just toss the old phone out and buy the newest iPhone? DISH IT, SISTAHZ!!!

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