Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hittin' us baby, one more time...

Hey hey, smutlitos! Just checkin in here to voice my sheer amazement/disgust at the news that Britney Spears has not only added Australian tour dates, but has decided to bring her shiteous show Circus tour BACK to North America!

WHAAAAA????!? Isn't that bitch TIRED already? She sure seems like it...

Well, looking at the tour dates... surprise, surprise, Vancouver is NOT on that list. GOOD! After that hissy fit she threw back in April where she disappeared off stage at GM Place due to too much marijuana smoke giving her a SERIOUS case of the munchies that she ran off to find the nearest 7-11 for a Cheetos fix, leaving us so-called fans in the dark, only to reappear 30 minutes later to deliver a complete lacklustre performance complete with bad lipsynching a la kung-fu movie dub-over "ventilation problems", it's no surprise she wouldn't come back here. Ever.

GOOD RIDDANCE. We don't need to get ripped off baby, one more time.

And we don't ever want to see that busted-ass weave of yours, either.

Although Britney's handlers have spared us Vancouverites another onslaught from The Princess of Pop-Tarts, they haven't spared Canada from the wrath of her AWFUL tour. Ottawa and Hamilton, BEWARE OF THE CIRCUS. You have been warned.

But what about the new numbers? What about the re-jigged songs and setlist? The new costumes? Lemme make it clear: NOT. WORTH. THE. TIME. AND. MONEY. Yep, more of the same shit Camp Britney serves. If you reaaaaally wanna know, just troll YouTube later in August, and Google that shit to see more craptacular "new" costumes.

You know I will. Ugh. The shame...

I guess this gurl is hurtin for money like something bad. Like Whitney crackwhore-achin'-for-a-fix bad. PLEASE LAWRD, LET THIS GONGSHOW END! HAVE MERCY ON US ALL!

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