Saturday, June 6, 2009

F*CK, I'm an Olympic-sized athletic supporter...

Hey hey smutties, sowwwy for the LOOOOOONG absence! WOW. I know, it's been a long time since I last blogged. Sorry to have kept you salivating.

So much has happened this week that I had to deal with. Drama-lama at work, followed by craaaazy "I gotta find a place to live before the end of the month!" shock. But all's well that ends well. I got a place downtown! I'm gonna be a West End Gurl now!

Last night I reunited with some former slaves coworkers at the silver ball of hell Science World for a staff reunion. Yes, Science World, er, the "Telus World of Science" (ugh, that makes me GAG everytime I utter the words Telus and science in the same phrase), is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Yep, 20 years of Engaging Minds... Whatever. More like 20 years of exploiting staff people. LOL. Although I did have a good time reconnecting with the awesome staff people that have become great friends of mine, it still doesn't erase the craptacular shizz that we as customer service staff had to put up with. No, I'm not bitter. Not in the slightest...

Anyway, it was a delightful evening.

Then today, I woke up to get ready for an Olympic-sized event. Yep, it was Phase Three of ticket sales for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games! Woo hoo! Now that was a GONG SHOW. If the first two phases weren't pleasant enough, they had to throw us another agonizing opportunity to sell off the remainder of the tickets to this expen$ive wintersport-nanza. Yes, it was the return of the FAILtacular "VIRTUAL WAITING ROOM". YESSSSSSSSSSS!

For those of you who did not have the pleasure of wrangling with this craptacular piece of techno ticket selling, the official description on VANOC's website is that the purpose of the holding room is their way of trying to make the process "fair for all Canadians". YEAH RIGHT! It's more like if there was such a thing as Ticketmaster purgatory, this would be it.

Now I got in pretty quick this time, only having to wait a total of three 30-second periods in the waiting room. (Last time I wrangled with the virtual waiting room of despair, I waited a total of and hour before I got in and quickly snatched up some hockey tickets. Then they closed ticket sales shortly after. Talk about panic-inducing!). Others I knew weren't so lucky today... they waited HOURS. HOURS!!!! WTF, VANOC?!? HOW WAS THAT FAIR?!? Then those poor sops who waited got left with either resorting to buying really EXPEN$IVE tickets ($320 for speed skating?!? $220 for ski jumping?!? SKI JUMPING?!? Man, my seat BETTER be heated for 220 bucks!) or got completely shafted. SO. FUCKING. FAIR.

Anyways, this time I was very lucky... with minimal waiting involved and six hundred bucks later (ugh), I got what I wanted: Men's AND Women's free program figure skating. SPARKLY!!! I can't believe that next year, I'm gonna witness the most glitzy, gaudy, and DRAMA-FILLED sport at the Olympics! Bring on the tights and sequins! Bring on the crying and running mascara! Bring on the block judging, sabotage, and doping scandals! And most of all, BRING ON THE FALLS! I can't WAIT hear the live sound of a whole stadium full of people gasping in horror as an over-bedazzled ice princess falls flat on her ASS after attempting some crazy jump combination. And I get to gasp along with them! OOOOOOOOH!

Now that shizz is WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

Did you wrestle with the "virtual waiting room" today? If so, DISH IT, sister!!! Any luck? Did you get through? Was it painful? Did you end up with crap seats for curling instead of glorious hockey tickets? Inquiring minds wanna know!!!

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