Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Are you OBSESSED with Mimi?!?

Hey smut-addicts! Camp Mariah Carey just tweeted on Mimi's twitter (lol... sounds so dirrty!) that her new single from her forthcoming album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, entitled "OBSESSED", is gonna be posted on her official website, www.mariahcarey.com TODAY, June 16 at 4pm Eastern (1pm Pacific for you West-coasters!). The single is set to drop on radio stations across North America today, but we get to hear it on the interwebz when it does! YAY! MIMI FOR ALL!

EEEEEEEEEE! I'm excited to hear this song, which Mimi herself has been excitedly proclaiming (via twitter) as a fun summer-jam. Well let US be the judge of that, Mariah.

And you know we'll judge...

Just listened to the song. Definitely very urban sounding. Not loving it, but not outright rejecting it. Deffo NOT "obsessed" with it. Yet.

Now that YOU have listened to it, whaddya think? Post your comments below!


  1. Yeah I'm over it.... not feeling it at all.

  2. I didn't like it very much either . . .not very catchy