Friday, June 26, 2009

HOLY MOLY! I just witnessed a divine intervention!

Hey hey, smut-bros and smut-sistahz. I know many of you are reeling from the loss of the great King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and the passing of Charlie's Angels alum, Farrah Fawcett. Both icons in their own right. It was a sad day for pop culture yesterday. Add to that the passing of Ed McMahon earlier this week, and all the stuff going on in Iran... yes, we are facing tough times these days, both financially and emotionally.

But on that note, what better way to lift your spirits than with music. Yes, I got to experience the sinfully delicious off-Broadway boyband musical "ALTAR BOYZ" last night at the Arts Club Granville Island Stage.


The cast? AMAZING. Their voices were stellar HEAVENLY. They also tackled the awesomely cheesetacular (and DIFFICULT) boyband choreography with much aplomb. Their acting was top notch. Definitely, the boys that make up the Altar Boyz are mucho talented. ALL. OF. THEM. Too many stand-out moments to mention. BRAVO, boyz!

And the show? HIGHlarious!!! I was giggling like a giddy tween girl the whole time! The script, the lyrics... so witty, so tongue-in-cheek, but never offensive given the religious subject matter. Come to think of it, I actually enjoyed Altar Boyz MORE than the other big-ass Arts Club production running right now at the Stanley: Les Miserables. MUCH MORE.

But yeah, go support local theatre. And check this show out! The boyz may soulfully sermonize about having to "wait", but don't wait to pick up tickets!

This is one show I am bent on evangelizing! PREACH!!!

[image via Arts Club Theatre]

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