Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sloth-like Saturdays...

Hey hey, smutlings! Thanks for being patient this week. My lack of a blog presence on the interwebz is appalling, I know. I was off at a course yesterday, then I ran off to my buddy Aaron's place for a celebratory birthday dinner before hitting up the Vancouver Art Gallery! Last night was FUSE, which is this night even that is held at the Art Gallery that features live performances, lounges, drinks, plus art! It's THE place in Vancouver to see and be seen,and last night was no exception.

But today I'm not feeling so high class... I feel like I was dragged through the gutter. Ugh. For me, at least today, Saturday = lazy.

Well, hope y'all enjoy this LOVELY Saturday! Summer has finally arrived in Vancity, and I know I'll be enjoying the hawt, hawt sun. But first I gotta go visit the folks... wish me luck...

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