Sunday, May 31, 2009

Racy gadget pics leaked... Ooh, seXXXay!

Hey hey hey, kindersmut! Still chillin at my folks' place, eatin a filipin-tastic breakfast served with, you guessed it, instant coffee. Normally I HAAAAAAAATE instant cawfee, but with a Flip brekkie, it is a match made in South East Asian heaven. DeLIIshooos!

ANYwhoo, since Hollywood has somewhat been fucking lame rather boring lately, the world of the gadgetwhores has been a flurry of announcements(wow!), rumours (ooh!), leaked photos (racy!)... yep, gadget nerds are getting their fill of tech SMUT, while the celebuwhores of Hollywood have been letting us DOWN. Big time.

***Side note to Lindsay Lohan:
Lindsanity, I think the blizzard of leaked photos from Sony has got you BEAT! WE NEED MORE HOLLYWOOD SMUT, k? Go work it. If you need help, I'm sure your mom can help you... get to it!

Well, speaking of Sony, there's been so much craziness over the recently "leaked" photos and video of the newest iteration of the PlayStation Portable, the "PSP Go". There were many rumours of this thing existing, but now it's a go (har har). Now is this a true "leak", or a clever marketing ploy by Sony to generate buzz over their press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo(E3) next week? Methinks it's the latter...

So yeah, this new version of boring pocket-sized fun machine has 16GB of flash memory instead of a UMD drive... so NO DISCS! ALL DOWNLOADS! Plus the buttons slide out, there's Bluetooth, and it's much thinner and lighter. Yep, it makes the Nintendo DSi feel like the fat, overweight sister of the family(you know the one...yeah, her). But the downside: screen is SMALLER, there's no touchscreen input (TOUCHSCREENS ARE THE RAGE, Sony! Get with it!), there's still ONLY ONE analog thumb stick (ugh), and memory expansion is via Memory Stick Micro (we fucking HATE memory stick, Sony! What's UP with the proprietary shit you keep trying to force us to buy?!?).

But the biggest letdown is still that it's a PSP. The system overall is a big YAWN. Nintendo will still have this puppy BEAT once the initial frenzy over the PSP Go dies down. Trust.

Now there's so many other rumours heading into this years E3. A new Wii Fit, motion sensor/camera stuff from Microsoft for their Xbox 360, and the biggie... will Sony be unleashing a new, slim PS3 after pics surfaced on the internet?

Wow, Sony is like the new Vanessa Hudgens! RACY!!!

Bring on the toys, bitches!

[pic via Eurogamer]

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